10. Overview SpeedInvoice

How SpeedInvoice works

There are two components to SpeedInvoice, the app available from the Apple's App Store or Google Play, and the web service at www.speedinvoice2.net. You can have several users in SpeedInvoice. You can access SpeedInvoice from different devices, such as an Android phone or tablet, an iPhone or iPad or a web browser on a computer by logging in at www.speedinvoice2.net. It is free to try SpeedInvoice, but if you want to continue using SpeedInvoice after the free test period you need to purchase a subscription. You will get the best price for a subscription if you login at www.speedinvoice2.net. If you don't purchase a subscription your company will be deleted after some time, so please make sure you have copies of any invoices or quotes created.

Getting started

Download SpeedInvoice from Google Play or the Apple App Store to your phone or tablet. When you start the app for the first time you tap "Create account". You can access SpeedInvoice from your computer by logging in at www.speedinvoice2.net using Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.

When is SpeedInvoice not suitable

SpeedInvoice is an invoicing system, so it doesn't handle inventory or warehousing.

We recommend SpeedInvoice for:
-Up to ten users,
-A maximum of 2000 invoices and quotes in a year,
-A maximum of 2000 items or customers.
If you are above these recommendations you might have issues with your phone's capacity or the data volume transferred via the Internet. We have tested SpeedInvoice with 20.000 invoices, but we have good phones and very good internet connections. If you run into problems with your data volume we can limit the amount of invoices and quotes that are transferred to your phone at a cost.