M42 Contact Us

Before you send us a question, can we please ask that you check for an answer under "Support" and "Help"?

If you don't remember your login details please tap on "Having trouble logging in?" in the app. If you use the app and need help please send us an email by using the "Support email" function which is at the bottom of the main menu. If you use this we will see valuable information such as your company code, what version you are using and what phone/tablet you have.

If you haven't created a company in SpeedInvoice and wonder about the cost of using SpeedInvoice you will find it under "Subscriptions".

If you want your account deleted please send this request by opening the app or the web service and to to "Help" and "Contact support". This request needs to be sent from the accounts registered email address.

For anything that you can't find please fill in the below form, and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.