M32 Create Quotes

Creating a quote

Use the opportunities in SpeedInvoice to market your business. Add your logo, select a background and upload your signature to profile your company. With SpeedInvoice you can quickly and easily generate a professional quote. Open the quote menu and tap "+", then select the customer or add a new customer, select items or add a text. You can include pictures of what you are selling, or use the camera to document the worksite. You can also add your standard terms & conditions, drawings, technical information or a product PDF to the quote. Check how the document will present by tapping preview, and if you are happy with what you see, you email, print or share the quote.

Creating an invoice by converting a quote

When you have received acceptance from a customer you can convert a quote to an invoice by opening the quote and selecting "Create Invoice" from the menu. You can edit the invoice prior to sending it to your customer.