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What SpeedInvoice can do

Here is a short summary of what SpeedInvoice can do:

  • Invoice from your phone, tablet or computer, work on your own or together with colleagues
  • Create unique invoices with more than 500 background images to choose from
  • Upload your own background image
  • Add your logo or signature
  • Share an invoice with other apps such as SMS, MMS, Skype, Whatsapp, etc
  • Use the integrated reports to analyse your sales per customers or items and report GST
  • Easy and quick ways of looking at your invoices by customer or in categories such as “Unpaid” or “Overdue”
  • You can work in SpeedInvoice if you are offline, but you can't send, print or preview an invoice
  • You can attach images from your phone or take new photos with your camera
  • Copy an existing invoice if you are creating a similar invoice
  • Add documents such as contractual terms, project plans or reference documents in formats such as Word, Excel and PDFs
  • Import and export data to Excel
  • All currencies and over 30 languages
  • Speed up your invoicing with quick conversion of quotes to invoices
  • Discount per customer or item line
  • You can record item cost to report on profitability
  • VAT handling can be enabled or disabled for all of SpeedInvoice or for an individual invoice
  • VAT registration number for both seller and buyer
  • Capture the signature of your customer on invoices via your phone or tablet
  • Change the number series for your invoices
  • Full payment functionality including pre- and part payments
  • Set credit terms per customer
  • Send out receipts or include payments on the invoice
  • Print the invoice from your PC, Mac or your phone
  • Add notes to your calendar from an invoice
  • Create statements showing all outstanding invoices for a customer

How to get started

To try SpeedInvoice is free. You have unlimited access during your free test period and no obligation to purchase anything. Download SpeedInvoice from Android Play Store or Apple's App Store. You create your company in 5 minutes by selecting "Create account" and you will do invoices and quotes in minutes. Once you have created an account you can work in SpeedInvoice from your computer by logging in at www.speedinvoice2.net using Explorer, Chrome, Safari or any other web browser.

Creating an invoice

Use the opportunities in SpeedInvoice to market your business. Add your logo, select a background and upload your signature to profile your company. With SpeedInvoice you can quickly and easily generate a professional invoice. Open the invoice menu and tap "+", select a customer or add a new customer, select items or add a text. You can include pictures of what you are selling, or use the camera to document the worksite. Check how the invoice looks by tapping preview, and if the invoice is correct you email, print or share it.